4 reasons to visit the GUM-Fair in Moscow


The Red Square is not only the largest and most recognized symbol of Moscow, but it is the heart of the city surrounded by the major sights of the Russian capital. Walking in the Red Square, you can admire the most important buildings of the city, such as the Kremlin, the State History Museum, the… Continue reading


Five Masterpieces in The Russian Museum

It is no sheer coincidence that Saint Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia. The city has a long tradition associated with art, artists, poets, writers, music, and even scientists. Per mile in the city, the amount of monuments and museums is astonishing. Liden & Denz is located opposite Государственный Русский музей (The State… Continue reading


Amazons of the Avant-Garde: Five Female Russian Artists You’ve Never Heard Of

Following our review of Zinaida Serebryakova’s exhibition at the Tretyakov, we take a look at the careers of five other female artists who have made major contributions to Russian cultural history. 1. Natalia Goncharova (1881-1962) Goncharova’s rich career frequently courted controversy. She scandalised Moscow society for being the first woman in the city to wear… Continue reading


An Unexpected Discovery: Tsereteli’s Museum-Studio

artist Tsereteli

An Unexpected Discovery: Tsereteli’s Museum-Studio Recently, I happened across the strangest but most fabulous place. I was absentmindedly walking in the general direction of the Moscow Zoo, hoping to discover some unknown spots – I was not disappointed. On Gruzinskaya Square, not far from Barrikadnaya metro station, there is a line of ginormous statues across… Continue reading


Tretyakov Gallery – A treasure trove of culture

Tretyakov gallery

Tretyakov Gallery – A treasure trove of culture If you are interested in Russia’s history, culture, and artwork, a must visit destination has to be the Tretyakov gallery. The gallery is the third most visited art museum in the whole of Russia, after the Hermitage and the Kremlin. An individual ticket costs 400 roubles. This gives… Continue reading


Unusual Statues and Monuments in St Petersburg

Unusual Statues

Unusual Statues and Monuments in St Petersburg When you think of statues and monuments in St Petersburg, the grand Медный всадник (The Bronze Horseman) may spring to mind… But in recent years local artists have contributed some more unusual statues and monuments to the cities architectural landscape. Take left right off Невский проспект ‘Nevsky prospect’… Continue reading


Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been?

Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been? Drank vodka on the Fontanka. Took a shot, took another – Got dizzy. Чижик-пыжик, где ты был? На Фонтанке водку пил. Выпил рюмку, выпил две — Зашумело в голове. “Chyzhik Pyzhik helps students to get through unhappy love affairs and get around on public transport without having tickets.” – Gabriadze,… Continue reading


Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg

Calling all art lovers in St. Petersburg! If you have already visited the Hermitage (Эрмитаж) and the Russian Museum (Русский музей), it’s time to cross the bridge over to Vasilyevsky Island (Васильевский остров) and take a look inside Erarta Museum and Gallery of Contemporary Art (Музей и галерея современного искусства “Эрарта”). Here you can view… Continue reading