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22 Nov
It is interesting how different countries have different dates for Mother’s Day! If you are Russian, then keep in mind, this Sunday, on the 24th of November, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Russia! On Mother’s Day people honor mothers and pregnant women, whereas on International women’s day, on the 8th of March, all women are ...
24 Feb
Have you ever heard about Defender of the Fatherland Day? Or as it is called in Russian День защитника Отечества (Den’ zaschtschitnika Otschestva)? If not- Don’t worry. I have gathered the most important information for you in the list below. Do not miss this chance to expand your knowledge of Russian culture and history! What ...
01 May
The day of Spring and Labour in Moscow (Праздник весны и труда) [gap height=”15″] Major international celebration, the May day is an important public holiday in Russia as in several countries (more than 80 countries). The first of may is also the symbol of the beginning of spring with the arrival of the good weather ...
21 Apr
Easter is the most important celebration of Christendom. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. In principle, this is the same celebration for Catholics / Protestants and Orthodox . But since the schism of 1054 and the separation of the two churches, traditions and customs for Easter have  ...