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23 Feb
Yesterday, the historic celebration of ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’, or День Защитника Отечества in Russian, took place. It’s a tradition already entrenched in history, but one that students from other countries may be unfamiliar with. This article will give you a quick rundown of what the day is about, its history, and how celebrations ...
23 May
24th May: Russian Alphabet Day The language has a very special role in Russian culture and society, so does the Russian alphabet. Of course, everywhere the language is a crucial element of people’s identity, but in Russia there is something going beyond that. Indeed, it is the Russian language which makes of the Russians a ...
04 Aug
84 years ago the Russian Airborne Troops  have been founded on the 2nd of august in 1930. Since then they help to solve big national problems. In the past they fought in big wars like world war ll. for the security of her motherland, nowadays they assure the security by supporting Anti-Terrorism-operations. They are an elite ...