The Best Russian Meat-Free Meals

Russian cuisine is delicious and varied, but meat does play a large role in the national diet. After all, this is a country famous for its kotleti (котлеты), shashlik (шашлык), and borscht (борщ). So how can a vegetarian try some traditional Russian food? Surprisingly, meat-free meals aren’t that hard to find, and plenty of dishes… Continue reading


Eat Like The Locals: 3 Easy Recipes for Beginners

easy recipes

Eat Like The Locals: 3 Easy Recipes for Beginners Looking for easy recipes to improve your Russian experience? Or, you’ve just arrived in Moscow and want to learn a few easy recipes to try your hand at cooking some of the local fare. But where to start? As you may remember from my previous post,… Continue reading


Russian Cuisine: Solyanka

Russia is famous for soups like Borsht and Shchi. But have you ever heard of Solyanka (солянка)? This Russian dish is thick, spicy and sour all at the same time. Typically, the soup is packed full of different kinds of meat,  such as beef, ham, sausage, chicken or even fish. However, like most Russian soups, … Continue reading