Obstacles in learning Russian 

Russian Grammar

Да нет, наверное! You have probably heard Russian people say this phrase before. Literary translated it means – yes no, maybe! However, do not get confused, because if you ask someone if he/she wants to go to the cinema and their reply is ‚Да нет, наверное‘, it means they are probably not going. The Russian… Continue reading


Why it’s easier to learn Russian than you’d think: word families. Part I.

If you have just recently taken up Russian, you’ve probably encountered a lot of difficulties already. The pronunciation is strange (at first), you have to learn the intonation and the stresses inside a word, you have to deal with the grammar and irregulars, and on top of that, even the words are longer than what… Continue reading


Russian Language Lessons for Foreigners

cosa bisogna sapere prima di studiare russo

How to Learn Russian – 8 Things You Need to Know Russian is beautiful, no argument about that. But the language of Pushkin is also very, very difficult. I’ve been studying Russian in Russia for some years now and I can tell you –  it’s a language that must be studied constantly and seriously if… Continue reading