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27 Aug
Sword of Damocles: What Is This Saying and How Can I Use It in Russian? You may have heard the saying Sword of Damocles being used in English, for example when somebody says that there is a Sword of Damocles hanging over their head. This saying can be directly translated into Russian as дамоклов меч, ...
04 Aug
Potemkin Villages (Потемкинские деревни): The Story Behind the Russian Idiom Потемкинские деревни, which can be translated as Potemkin villages, is a curious idiom found in Russian, which is also sometimes used in English. It is used to describe a cover up which attempts to make something seem a lot better than it may truly be, ...
16 Jul
Test your knowledge of Russian sayings with our quiz below. Can you match the Russian saying with the English equivalent? Do you want to learn more Russian sayings and proverbs? Make sure to check out our article on Russian sayings and proverbs with fish for more sayings, read The colorful world of Russian sayings and ...