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19 Mar
Russian Easter traditions were suppressed in the Soviet era, but many have since been revived to their former glory.  Now, Easter, or Paskha (Пасха), is one of Russia’s biggest holidays. While there are many denominations in Russia that celebrate Easter, the Russian Orthodox church is the largest – and its Easter celebrations are certainly worth ...
03 Jul
Everyone knows that going on a trip means a lot of expenses: between the flight, the accommodation, the museums and dinners out, you’ll feel like your pocket will be more and more lighter but be careful! It’s only an impression! Certainly experiences, new friends and unforgettable moments will be always with you and you will ...
30 Sep
Idea for the Weekend: Folklore Festival in Ismailovo   For some reason, few visitors to Moscow seem to know about the Ismailovo Kremlin. The word ‘Kremlin’ for most brings to mind the imposing and infamous scarlet walls around the fortress by Red Square. It is a symbol of Moscow, of Russia, of authority and dictatorship, ...
20 Jul
Russian Wedding Traditions If you happen to find love whilst studying in Russia, you may like to know what is in store for you on your special day. Here are some Russian wedding traditions. Engagement Historically, the engagement was the most important part of the ceremony. The parents of the bride and groom would sit ...
12 Dec
Popular Traditions: Where There Is A Dacha, There Is a Banya Popular traditions throughout Russian history emits an incredibly long list of traditions. However, none of these are so famous as the culture of the Russian Баня (Banya), one of the oldest Slavic traditions. Despite the fact that this custom is several centuries old, the ...