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06 Apr
You might never have heard of Ералаш, or Yeralash (English: Mishmash), but in Russia, it is one of the best known children’s programmes. It has been running for over 45 years in Russia, and it recently made headlines after its creator, Boris Grachevsky, sadly passed away earlier this year. Yeralash, however, is perhaps one of ...
03 Mar
Want to watch some Russian films or TV online but struggling to find good sources? We’ve complied a list of some of the best places for you! 1. Klassiki This streaming site only launched a few weeks ago, but it’s already set to be one of the main hubs for Russian-language films. As the name ...
13 Jun
6 entertaining and easy Russian TV series Talking about watching video materials in Russian, we all have our own preferences. As someone loves classic movies, someone else enjoys laughing in front of an animated cartoon. Personally, I always prefer to watch some episodes of a Russian Series. In fact, if it’s almost impossible to dedicate ...