Russian Winter Words

winter words

Russian Winter Words As winter arrived and snow began to fall, I realised that I lacked the vocab that is most needed right now – words to help me describe the weather! I don’t mean any old weather, I mean the words to describe more specifically how the conditions on the street are making your… Continue reading


Благодарю нашего преподавателя за проделанную работу

Благодаря вашим курсам освежил знания 20-летней давности и даже их существенно улучшил.___Буду всем вас рекомендовать. Благодарю нашего преподавателя за проделанную работу Сергей Егоркин Преподаватель: Меренчук Екатерина


A Small Dictionary of the Moscow Metro

Moscow’s metro is truly unlike any other! Spend any time in the city, and you’ll certainly be travelling on its underground – our handy dictionary will introduce you to the essential terms you need to get on and get around. 1. Автомат (Ticket Machine) Автоматы are the machines you’ll see at the entrance to each metro… Continue reading