The colourful world of Russian sayings

babushke russe

Safe to say that Russian is a “filthy” rich language, with an insanely wide range of different proverbs and sayings that fit every situation and can be used to convey your message in a very punctual way. What’s more learning them and their origin will give you a wider cultural understanding, that’s why I decided… Continue reading


Un pomeriggio estivo tra Vorobyovy Gory e la Brusov Ship

summer afternoon

Domenica pomeriggio, visto il sole battente e l’aria tiepida, ho colto l’occasione per andare a cercare di “abbronzarmi” sulla sponda della Moscova, ai piedi della Collina dei Passeri (Воробьёвы Горы). Questa sponda del fiume è il posto ideale per chi, non essendo riuscito ad organizzare una gita fuori-porta durante il weekend, si ritrova bloccato in città,… Continue reading


Moscow’s GUM

A visit to Moscow is never complete without a visit to Moscow’s world famous Red Square (Красная площадь). In just one relativity small area, one can see many of the famous buildings and landmark Russia is known for. But what many people may not know, is that nearly one whole side of the square is… Continue reading