The colourful world of Russian sayings

babushke russe

Safe to say that Russian is a “filthy” rich language, with an insanely wide range of different proverbs and sayings that fit every situation and can be used to convey your message in a very punctual way. What’s more learning them and their origin will give you a wider cultural understanding, that’s why I decided… Continue reading


5 Interesting Facts about Empress Catherine II

empress Catherine

With good reason known to these days as Catherine the Great, the Russian Empress was one of the most fascinating and powerful rulers ever. Despite her being an outsider, coming from the German city of Settin, she managed to reach the very top of the Russian Empire at the age of 33 years old when,… Continue reading


Russian superstitions

I want to dedicate this article to Russian superstitions and traditions extremely common and practiced until today by the majority of the population. Most of them are rooted in the paganism, practiced by the Slavs before Christianity. About two weeks ago, we studied for a week its traditions, taking us to see how superstitious the… Continue reading


Old Russian banknotes

As many of you know, everywhere in the world this day, January 1st, is a day off, especially because we all celebrated welcoming the new year with familiy and friends; nevertheless, I want to share with you a little bit of history on this day but on 1961, when the major currency reform in the… Continue reading


Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox christmas

Unlike us the Russian Christmas is celebrated on the 7th January, like in the rest of the slavic countries. As in our culture, this day marks the birth of Christ. Although its celebration was forbidden during the Soviet union, recently it bagan to gain popularity and religious meaning again. Russians celebrate Christmas Day with the same activities like… Continue reading



Kamchatka was founded on the Kamchatka Peninsula in 2007. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski is the oldest town of Russian Far East with 196 thousand residents. The climate on the peninsula and the islands is severe with long and frosty winters (average  —25°C), and short, chilly and rainy summers (average +12°C). The nature of the Kamchatka Territory has an amazing… Continue reading


9 Russian Superstitions You Should Know About

Russian Superstitions

9 Russian Superstitions You Should Know About When you are in a foreign country and you meet a different culture you can easily get into misunderstandings. As you have probably already experienced for yourself, knowing the language of a country is not the same as knowing the culture and customs of the people who live… Continue reading


Мариинский Театр (Mariinksi-Theater) – St. Petersburgs wohl bekanntestes Theater

Die Geschichte dieses Theater reicht bis in das Jahr 1783 zurück als es noch unter dem Namen „Большой Театр“ („Großes Theater“) bekannt war. Im Verlauf der letzten paar Jahrhunderte waren auf dieser Bühne einige der berühmtesten Künstler und Künstlerinnen der Epoche zu sehen und auch das Theater selbst wurde rasch zu einer der architektonischen Attraktionen… Continue reading