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26 Nov
Have you ever tried pickled tomatoes? What about pickled garlic? And pickled apples? If these foods sound unusual to you, there are high chances you are not Russian. Strolling through Sadovaya market in Saint Petersburg, I was struck by the amount of pickled food they sell. In particular, there is a specific spot where Russian ...
08 May
With no doubt, tasting traditional food of the city you are visiting is one of the most exciting experience to make. Hence, if you are now in Saint Petersburg, you would better not miss the chance to “eat like a Russian”, enjoying different type of meat, fish and fresh seasonal vegetables. Lucky for you, you ...
11 Aug
There are a lot of things I love about Russia, but I’m definitely obsessed with food. If you’re planning to visit St.Petersburg (or Russia in general), mentally prepare yourself: you’ll gain some weight! It is impossible to resist delicious – and very affordable – street food while walking around the city. So, here are some ...
24 Jun
La Cucina Russa: Come e cosa mangiano i Russi? Iniziamo con il dire che la dieta Russa è ricca di colture che possono prosperare anche in un clima freddo come i cereali, gli ortaggi a radice (barbabietole, rape, patate, cipolle) e il cavolo.  Inoltre, essendo la Russia ricchissima di boschi e foreste, le erbe selvatiche, le bacche, il miele e i funghi sono prodotti che contraddistinguono la ...
30 Jun
Dining SSSR style: Good Old Stolovaya Добро пожаловать в СССР! (Dobro pozhalovat v SSSR!) When you arrive in Russia and you start to look around to find a place to eat you notice a widespread “phenomenon” called Столовая (Stolovaya). These are public cafeteria-restaurants that you can find everywhere in Russia and can be considered part ...
06 Jun
Living in Russia for 6 months now has taught me that Russians have a sweet tooth. Many of their typical desserts are based on tvorog, condensed milk, berries, and more. And they are all very tasty! So I thought about telling you some of their most popular sweet treats for you to try when you ...
03 Apr
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In order to diversify the menu served to Russian high society and royalty of XIX century, their chefs invented (and adopted from other cuisines) numerous recipes based on chicken eggs. However, among common people of that time and even more so among villagers and peasants eggs were consumed differently, and now only a couple of ...
01 Apr
Stolle Pies – The best пироги in town! In my opinion, Stolle pies are the best пироги – pies – in town. The atmosphere of their cafés intends to reflect the end of 19th and early 20th centuries, with oak floors, very sturdy wooden doors, cast brass chandeliers, and leather sofas. The recipes of these ...