Russian food: unique experiences in Saint Petersburg

russian traditional food

With no doubt, tasting traditional food of the city you are visiting is one of the most exciting experience to make. Hence, if you are now in Saint Petersburg, you would better not miss the chance to “eat like a Russian”, enjoying different type of meat, fish and fresh seasonal vegetables. Lucky for you, you… Continue reading


Take a walk


Take a walk Where I am from, people cover most distances by bike. Since my arrival in Saint Petersburg, I have walked a lot. Not only from home to school and vice versa, or to a certain destination, but also just went outside and took a walk. And now I have rediscovered the becalming effect… Continue reading


Beaches in Russia: Everyone Goes to the Beach!


Beaches in Russia: Everyone Goes to the Beach! Summer is finally coming to Saint Petersburg and many students talk of getting out of the city on weekends to visit some of the nearby beaches on the Baltic. Here are a few things I learned riding the elektrichka – the local train service – to Solnechnoye… Continue reading