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15 Aug
I have spent the past 5 months in Russia, and there are a handful of apps that I use on a regular basis. I thought I would share them with you to make your trip a bit easier! Yandex Taxi Yandex Taxi is one of the best ways to order a taxi in Russia. Uber ...
15 Jul
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Pskov is one of the oldest cities in Russia dating back to the year 903. The city used to sit on the border between Russia and Estonia before Russia took full control of the land; reminiscents of its rich history are still scattered throughout the province. And located just SW of St. Petersburg, on the ...
14 May
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We are approaching two months of quarantine, and all our travel plans have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. However, thanks to the internet, we can experience some of Russia’s most well-known attractions right from our homes! Here are some of my favourite virtual travel experiences: Online Activities with Liden & Denz Checkout the Liden ...
30 Aug
A seasoned traveller and no stranger to the streets of St Petersburg, Ronald Knox, from Philadelphia, has just completed three weeks at Liden and Denz. As part of his travels this year, Ronald decided to pay St Petersburg a visit. Despite being caught out by the capricious St Petersburg weather, Ronald thoroughly enjoyed his time ...