There’s an International Ballet Festival in St. Petersburg!

ballet dancer next to caption reading 'Russian ballet in Saint Petersburg'

Ballet has its origins in 15th century Italy. Although the art form quickly spread to the rest of Western Europe, it wasn’t introduced to Russia until much later, as part of Peter the Great’s efforts to modernise the country in the 18th century. With the patronage of Empress Anna and, later, Catherine the Great, Russian… Continue reading


St. Petersburg: the place for music lovers!

Musician's shoes in purple smoke

Saint Petersburg is called “The capital of Russian rock”, but this definition doesn’t give the idea of how much music is alive through the streets of this culturally thriving city. There is something for all tastes: while walking along the central streets in the evening it is not uncommon, through the windows of the cafes,… Continue reading


Loanwords: how Russian reflects European influence

Not only people travel, also words do! When a word is adopted from one language and incorporated into another language without translation it is called loanword. Loanwords are used every day: people are so accustomed to them that they don’t even realise that they are using a foreign word. Loanwords of course can be found in Russian, as in every other… Continue reading


Who needs the sun when you have the banya?

Russian Banya

Morning football со своей командой (with my team) is a weekly highlight here in Saint Petersburg. Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year, we meet at 8 am close to the Smolensky cemetery on Vasilyevsky Island to play five-a-side. Outdoors during summer and, luckily, indoors during winter. Around once a month the team gathers in the next-door… Continue reading


Hello from the new Norwegian intern

Hello! My name is Fredrik, I’m a 26-year-old Norwegian and this is my first post as an intern at Liden & Denz. I’m about to start the second year of my MA in Global Communication & International Communication, a double-degree programme between the State University of Saint Petersburg and the Free University of Berlin. Originally… Continue reading


5 Summery Things to Do in St. Petersburg

Anyone keeping track of the articles coming out of the St. Petersburg campus at the moment will realise that we are not being blessed with the best summer weather. As far as sightseeing goes in these circumstances, it’s limited to wandering around museums (like the Erarta museum – a little bit of self-promo never hurt… Continue reading


Всем привет from Lara, the New Intern

Всем привет! I’m Lara and I’ll be working as an intern at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg for a month. I’m 23 and I come from the north east of Italy, more precisely from a small village near the Dolomites. I graduated last year from the University of Trieste in Translation and Interpreting Studies… Continue reading


Three Climbing Gyms in St. Petersburg

Whenever I travel, my first order of business is to find the local rock gym. As a lifelong climbing (скалолазание) addict, I suffer near emotional collapse if there’s not a decent climbing gym (скалодром) in close proximity. Luckily, Petersburg has multiple gyms dispersed throughout the city, and I’ve been spending the past month exploring them… Continue reading