Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival 2016

Restaurant Festival 2016 will take place soon! Something big is coming – The Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival starts on November 1st and will last till November 30th, 2016 on the Neva River. It is the first-ever festival of this kind that is held in the city. Guests who are visiting Saint Petersburg and citizens are… Continue reading


Why did The “Scarlet Sails” Receive International Recognition?

Scarlet Sails

Why did The “Scarlet Sails” Receive International Recognition? Die deutsche Version des Artikels finden Sie hier. Every year Saint Petersburg turns into a sleepless city during the legendary White Nights. Thousands of tourists from all over the world explore the Northern capital in this amazing time and try to not miss out on one of the… Continue reading


Autumn Festival of Lights Saint Petersburg 2016

The Autumn Festival of Lights 2016 is getting closer! Saint Petersburg is not only a cultural city in the north of Russia with many beautiful sights, but also known for the countless great annual festivals that are organized there. One of the most beautiful is getting closer and closer. The Autumn Festival of Lights – An… Continue reading


Ever heard about the pirate ship in St. Petersburg?

A magical pirate ship was found on the riverbank in Saint Petersburg! This weekend I had one of my best culinary experiences since I am living here in Saint Petersburg. After the visit of the impressive Peter and Paul Fortress, I felt very frozen because of the strong wind on this day and I watched out for… Continue reading


Guide to the Saint Petersburg Metro

saint petersburg metro

New to Saint Petersburg?  The Liden and Denz Guide to the Saint Petersburg Metro System will show you which stations you should know in order to get around the city.  Filmed, edited, and hosted by our Video Blogger Intern Ryan Gourley.


Zenit and CKA – Support your local team


Zenit and CKA – Get Out And Support Your Local Team Two of the most popular sports to play and watch in Russia are Ice Hockey and Football. Saint Petersburg is home to two teams who play at the highest level in these sports. In this post you will learn everything you need to know… Continue reading


3 Most Famous Bookstores in Saint Petersburg

Famous bookstores

3 Most Famous Bookstores in Saint Petersburg Before I left for Saint Petersburg I packed three books: “501 Russian Verbs”, my old and very beloved ”Modern Russian Grammar” (Published in Stockholm, 1974…) and Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. The latter should keep me busy until I leave in June. I bet that you also brought that Russian classic that’s… Continue reading


I will be back Saint Petersburg!

Unfortunately it’s time to say good bye! I have been staying in Saint Petersburg since beginning of May and had an amazing time enjoying the city, meeting locals, diving into the Russian mentality and culture. But before leaving with a truly heavy heart, I want to share with you my favorite places and venues in this great… Continue reading