Russian figure skaters to watch next season

figure skating

In St. Petersburg, we are already more than halfway through the summer, which means that the time of fancy boat parties is slowly coming to an end. However, before we brace ourselves for autumn with its cold rain and ever shorter days, we should remember our prospects are not all grey and gloomy.  For one,… Continue reading


Versteckte Märkte in Sankt Petersburg

The English version of this article is available here. Du erledigst deine Einkäufe lieber auf einem Markt oder Basar? Ich habe drei nette versteckte Märkte in Sankt Petersburg entdeckt, wo man etliche Schnäppchen ergattert kann! Troizky Markt für Kleidung Ich bin auf diesen Markt zufällig gestoßen, als ich die Dreifaltigkeits Kathedrale besichtigen wollte. Am Hinweg… Continue reading


Farewell to our Intern Leah

our intern Leah in front of the Hermitage at night

Our fellow blogger Leah is leaving after a seven-week internship at Liden & Denz St. Petersburg…but her stay is not over yet! Tell us a little more about yourself!  Hi! My name’s Leah and I’m 28 years old. I’m from the UK but love to travel – I have previously studied in China, worked in… Continue reading