Russian figure skaters to watch next season

figure skating

In St. Petersburg, we are already more than halfway through the summer, which means that the time of fancy boat parties is slowly coming to an end. However, before we brace ourselves for autumn with its cold rain and ever shorter days, we should remember our prospects are not all grey and gloomy.  For one,… Continue reading


Fries Heaven – Amsterdam Chips Company

Are you a Fries Lover? Last week I made an awesome discovery – a shop that sells nothing but fries! Sounds like heaven to you? Well, it is. Uniqueness It is situated on Nevsky Prospekt and I passed by many times before I actually visited it. I was always in a hurry and I thought… Continue reading


Alla scoperta delle 7 sorelle!

Alla scoperta delle “sette sorelle” Prima o poi se lo chiedono tutti coloro che visitano Mosca e non solo loro, spesso anche i moscoviti non lo sanno con certezza. Quante sono? La risposta è: sono sette. Sono sette e sono inconfondibili nello skyline di Mosca: le famose Sette Sorelle sono i grattacieli della capitale russa voluti dal regime sovietico che fanno… Continue reading