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06 Jan
St Petersburg’s heritage is steeped with literature. Literary greats such as Dostoevsky,  Pushkin, Gogol and Akhmatova have used the city as a backdrop for their works, immortalising St Petersburg as a surreal and mythical place.   Given the city’s literary history and the voracious reading appetite of Russian people, St Petersburg’s streets are home to ...
25 Oct
Port Sevkabel is one of St Petersburg’s most innovative new projects. A multifunctional events space and creative centre situated in a cable factory on the seafront, it is one of the most popular sites in the city. I have been to numerous events and festivals at Sevkabel, but was until recently unaware of what goes ...
28 Sep
St Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. It seems only fitting, then, that alongside the museums, galleries and opulent palaces should spring up an industry of informal culture defined not by decades of high art and history, but by those currently living in St Petersburg. This has arrived in the form of ‘creative clusters’. According ...