Russian food: unique experiences in Saint Petersburg

russian traditional food

With no doubt, tasting traditional food of the city you are visiting is one of the most exciting experience to make. Hence, if you are now in Saint Petersburg, you would better not miss the chance to “eat like a Russian”, enjoying different type of meat, fish and fresh seasonal vegetables. Lucky for you, you… Continue reading


Большая Кухня – Bol’shaja Kuhnja

There is a really nice restaurant just inside Galeria mall in Ploshad Vosstanya. I know: malls are not known to have good restaurants, but trust me on this one. It is actually a really good restaurant with a huge terrace. The kitchen is open (which is a concept I see many restaurants are taking on),… Continue reading


4 Ways to Memorize New Words

There’s endless debate about how many words you need to know in order to be ‘fluent’, I couldn’t try to put a number on it. When you consider learning a language, the expanse of vocabulary to learn can seem daunting but not when you consider it in increments. Here are a few ideas on how to… Continue reading