Exploring St. Petersburg’s Gardens

Tauride Garden – Таврический сад The English gardener William Gould was charged with designing the Tauride Garden in true Romantic style, and it was originally laid out in 1783-9 for the estate of Catherine the Great’s favourite (and alleged lover) Grigory Potemkin. The Garden and the adjoining Tauride Palace are named after Potemkin’s title: Prince… Continue reading


The Mikhailovsky Castle: housing the Romanovs

Mikhailovsky Castle

The Mikhailovsky Castle: housing the Romanovs One of the various beautiful palaces and parks, located in the city of Saint-Petersburg is the former residence of Grand Duke and Romanov Pavel Petrovich I and his family. The initial ideas for the architectural style of the castle came from Pavel himself, not wanting to live in the,… Continue reading