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18 Aug
It is well known that St. Petersburg is often referred to as the cultural capital of Russia, and during my short stay here I have certainly witnessed this for myself. Everywhere you go there will be a museum, a cultural centre or a gallery near you. On this occasion, I visited 2 galleries and a ...
10 Dec
3 Important Facts Before Visiting the Historic Mosfilm Studio in Moscow! 1.One of the Oldest Film Studios in Europe Mosfilm Studios located in Moscow has played host to the production of some of the most significant cinematic works in history. The Soviet Union pioneered the art of filmmaking in it’s earliest days, and Mosfilm is ...
01 Dec
The Golden Ring (Золотое Kольцо) is a series of cities arranged in roughly the shape of a ring just northeast of Moscow that played significant roles in the development of Russian history, and particularly the Russian Orthodox faith. These beautiful cities are often described as some of the most picturesque in all of Russia, and ...
10 Nov
Moscow is a massive and sometimes intimidating city and can pose some difficulties to those who want to get around and see all the wonderful sights that Moscow has to offer. Of course, understanding and using the metro makes Moscow a pretty simple city to get around, but the metro stations are tremendous works of ...
01 Apr
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The internship in a tour operating company in St.Petersburg is  a possibility  to  examine  what  is  going  on  in  the  travel industry from  a  totally  different perspective and to get an impression of a country, which has much tourist potential and is  likely  to have much more  in  future.
27 Mar
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The internship in a big tour operating company gives students the opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge about the hospitality/tourism industry in Russia.