A trip to Vyborg

Vyborg is a town 130 kilometers to the northwest of Saint Petersburg, near the Gulf of Finland. It is a place with a long and turbulent history. Settlement dates from the 13th century onwards, and since then, the town has been a part of Sweden, then Russia, then Finland, then the Soviet Union, then Finland… Continue reading


Six Russian Riddles for Children

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Moscow to visit a good friend of mine, Olya, who lived in Saint Petersburg when I studied here a few years ago, and recently got married and had a baby. I tend to love all babies but am particularly taken with the babies of close friends,… Continue reading


Rethinking Tolstoy: War and Peace by the BBC

rethinking tolstoy

Rethinking Tolstoy: War and Peace by the BBC In January 2016, the BBC premiered one of its most ambitious and long-awaited literary adaptations: War and Peace. The Russian classic was brought to life by the British broadcaster for the second time, having made a first series in 1972. I watched the six-part production religiously, barely able… Continue reading