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31 Jan
Vyborg is a town 130 kilometers to the northwest of Saint Petersburg, near the Gulf of Finland. It is a place with a long and turbulent history. Settlement dates from the 13th century onwards, and since then, the town has been a part of Sweden, then Russia, then Finland, then the Soviet Union, then Finland ...
29 Sep
My journey outside of the city center Дача (Dacha) has no direct translation in the English language, often being referred to as a “summer home”. However, the reality and culture surrounding dacha’s is entirely more complex. The term became part of Russian culture during the Empire, referencing plots of lands gifted by the Tsar. During ...
29 Jul
A Legendary Route: The Trans-Siberian Railway The legendary route of the Trans Siberian Railway crosses two continents, 9288 km and seven time zones. Since 1916 it connects Moscow to Vladivostok in a single continuous service. Its story is deeply connected to Russian history. In the Russo-Japanese War (1904-5) the Trans-Siberian Railway was considered one of the reasons for ...