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28 Sep
Round and Round: the New Moscow Central Circle On the 10th September a new line opened on the Moscow Metro circuit: the Moscow Central Circle, or MCC (Московское центральное кольцо, МЦК). The new route, drawn on my handy Yandex Metro app map in a dusty pink that Farrow and Ball would possibly care to call ...
21 Sep
At first glance, Moscow does not seem like the ideal place to ride your bike. The busy roads and sometimes unpredictable driving of the locals can easily turn your calm ride into a nightmare. That being said, Moscow is actively changing and the mayor is taking measures that have had a real impact for bikers ...
04 Dec
Many cities across the world have adopted the metro as the preferred method of public transportation, but few have gone to the same extent as Russia has to beautify their metro stations and turn them into an unofficial historical and national art museum of sorts. Built at the height of Joseph Stalin’s rule, the Moscow ...
28 May
This week’s practical information is all about public transport within the city. There’s a wide range of ways to get around the city and although you can do it on foot, of course, the public transport here is cheap and efficient and definitely worth using. The metro is the most obvious choice: with five lines ...