Moscow As The Melting Pot Of The East

melting pot

Moscow As The Melting Pot Of The East Time flies, and before you know it is time to leave the melting pot and go back home. I do not have many homes away from home, but Moscow surely makes it on the list. It has become really close to my heart.   Learning Russian in… Continue reading


Altweibersommer in Russland: Бабье лето


Die Kalenderblätter fallen und fallen. Ende September – der Sommer neigt sich endgültig dem Ende zu und wir warten. Wir warten und hoffen inständig. Man sagte mir, im letzten Jahr sei es zu dieser Jahreszeit noch einmal richtig warm geworden. Spitzentemparaturen von bis zu 25 Grad Celsius. Die Leute seien in kurzen Hemden und Hosen… Continue reading


Weird and Wonderful Moscow Architecture

In part two of our blog on Moscow architecture, we talk you through the lives and works of some of the strangest Soviet architects… The peaks and domes of Moscow’s iconic skyline are so famous that even people who have never visited the city are familiar with many of its architectural landmarks. But the city also… Continue reading