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09 Jun
One Of The Largest Flea Markets In The World Is In St.Petersburg Udelnaya Flea Market Looking for a unique way to practice your Russian this weekend, and maybe pick up a few souvenirs along the way? Then head north to St.Petersburg flea market Udelnaya (Блошиный рынок на «Удельной»)! One of the largest flea markets in ...
28 Apr
Russian Chocolate: Saint Petersburg’s N.K. Krupskaya Confectionery Factory Russian cuisine offers really tasty and filling dishes, but sometimes foreigners find them not so easy to eat as Russian Chocolate. Therefore, everybody agrees on the great variety of delicious Russian sweets: пирожные (pastries), печение (biscuits), торт (cakes), конфети (candy), вафли (wafel). In Russian supermarkets there are usually ...
08 Apr
When in Riga, These Travel Apps Can Help! Whether you’re in Riga for a language course or just travelling around Latvia, there’s now an app for that! Tourist routes, nearby accommodation, information about landmarks and tourist attractions and cultural events can all be found on a brand new app for smartphones and tablets. Created by ...
14 Nov
Studying in St. Petersburg, but want to visit Moscow on the weekend? Time can be short when you are student and a train ride can take up to an entire night. So, what can you do? Buy a ticket on the super fast train Sapsan (Сапсан), and reach your destination in just under 4 hours! ...