5 places for Vegan & Vegetarian St. Petersburg offers

burger vegetarian st. petersburg

A lot of vegetarian and vegan visitors to St. Petersburg worry about finding places that cater to their dietary requirements. While it’s true that a lot of famous Russian dishes contain meat (think stroganoff, caviar and of course the chicken kiev), St. Petersburg has no shortage of meat-free dining. Here are a few top picks… Continue reading


Liden & Denz joins EAQUALS

Liden & Denz St.Petersburg is the first language centre in Russia ever to have passed the rigorous EAQUALS inspection, which differs from other quality management schemes because it (quoting EAQUALS) "covers not just processes and documentation but what happens in reality. The focus is on the school-in-action, the experience of the clients, not just the… Continue reading


Преподавание на должном уровне

Преподавание на должном уровне. Все очень нравится! Студент: Кузьмина Анастасия Преподаватель: Арбузова Ирина