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23 Aug
Krasnodar is Russia’s 16th biggest city by population. It is nestled in between Georgia, Ukraine and the Black Sea, in the far south of the country. It is known locally as the Kuban region of Russia due to the fact that it sits right on the Kuban river- though its characteristically hot climate might make ...
25 Aug
There’s no denying that the very idea of the dreaded Russian visa puts off a lot of would-be travelers to this country… Both the formality and unfamiliarity of Russian bureaucracy can seem daunting – but it needn’t! When you break it down, all you have to do is fill out a form and drop it off ...
11 Apr
There is no doubt, that these two cities are the heart of Russia, both culturally and historically. It is also true that when the rest of the world refers to Russia, we talk mainly of these two cities that are also the two largest  of the country. When Peter the Great decided to build St. ...
07 Nov
Stay in our shared flats for as little as EUR 21 per night during Christmas and NY! The Liden & Denz Language Centre in St.Petersburg announces a shared flat accommodation sale between Sunday, 25 December 2011 and Sunday, 8 January 2012. Not all rooms are suited for double room occupancy. No catering is provided. Our ...