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29 Sep
Vodka Tasting: Vodka Museum Saint Petersburg Vodka Tasting in Russia is definitely an obligation – at least, in my opinion. I think everyone, who is going to visit this country has to try some of the typical Russian spirits! So, where to go? As we heard, that there exists a Vodka Museum in Saint Petersburg, ...
13 Jul
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Where Does Vodka Come From – Origins of Vodka There are few symbols as strongly associated with Russia as vodka. Recent estimates suggest that vodka constitutes around 70% of all the alcohol consumed in Russia. But how did vodka come to be this symbol of Russia? No one is quite certain of the drink’s origins. Vodka ...
06 Nov
Last Friday students and staff at Liden & Denz Moscow center had the opportunity to visit a peculiarity of the Russian state. While you can find art museums, history museums, science museums, and museums of all other kinds spread across the globe, The National Museum of Vodka in Moscow seems to be a peculiarity unique ...