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Teremok Goes Stateside!

21 February, 2014

Teremok (теремок) is the very well loved blini (блины) chain that only existed in Russia… until now!

Teremok, having enjoyed huge success in Moscow and St Petersburg, specialising in Russian pancakes, have announced plans to open a restaurant in New York! This will be the first Teremok restaurant outside Russia, and will also be the first Russian fast food chain to to be available anywhere other than Russia.

The first ever Teremok opened in 1998 and was a street kiosk in Moscow, offering a very limited choice of blini.

Unfortunately for Lidenz students in the new centre in Riga, Teremok haven’t arrived in Latvia yet, but if you’re at the St Petersburg centre, the closest Teremok is just a stone’s throw away on Nevsky Prospect!

St Petersburg: Nevsky Prospect 60, opposite the Alexandrinksy Theatre, very near the Gostiny Dvor Metro stop

Teremok offers a huge variety of blini, and often the menus are slightly different between the English and the Russian versions, so make sure you practice your Russian in case you miss out on a hidden special!

Jade Mitchell-Ross is an English student, currently on an internship while studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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