Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL Exam)

06 May, 2014

Facts About TORFL

(Тест по русскому языку как иностранному)

You surely hear about the TOEFL and  IELTS, standardized test to assess your ability to use and understand the English language. In Russian, there is the same exam! Established since 1992, it is now mandatory to study in Russian universities. It is also possible that some Russian-speaking companies require you to have this test to guarantee your level of Russian. Of course, you can also pass the test just to know your level and evaluate your progress!

There are 5 different levels:

Basic level – A2 : usually required to obtain Russian citizenship by naturalization. Elementary level ( A1) is a part of the Basic Level.
Intermediate (level 1) – B1 : required to enter in Russian educational institutions.
Advanced (level 2) – B2: required for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PHD degrees in Russian universities
Proficiency (level 3) – C1 : required when you want to work in a Russian speaking environment ( journalist, diplomat, translation, …)
Fluency (level 4) – C2 : your Russian is closed to native Russian speaker, required to work in Russian philology.

Each level test contains 5 sections :

  1. Lexis and Grammar,
  2. Reading,
  3. Listening,
  4. Writing
  5. Speaking.

Examinations take place over the course of two days.

For further informations, check the official website : http://www.torfl.org


This blog was brought to you by Anne, currently studying Russian at Liden and Denz

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