The “Хроники” bar

13 May, 2015

Last week I finally checked out this popular bar I often pass by on my way home – the “Хроники” (“Chronicles”) bar on 26 Nekrasova street, not far from the corner with Mayakovskogo street. This bar always opens at 18h00 and might be easy to miss if you come early in the evening, but by 21h00-22h00, you will see a lot of people standing by its entrance chatting with their friends and having a beer. My friends and I easily found a place to sit inside at 22h00 last Friday, but I have to admit that later it got a little busier. But it seems that people don’t stay for long, so it should not be a problem for you to find a place to hang with your friends.

The “Хроники” bar is designed to recreate the atmosphere of an intelligent Leningrad tavern, but, interestingly, among the sources of inspiration for the interior were Scandinavian bars. Light wood, white tiles, dim lights and gray walls with old photos on them – it all makes it feel kind of cozy and curious in there, as if you are in an old house that stayed untouched for a long time, and at the same time distant, as all the little stories and secrets that the house keeps. “Хроники” was opened in 2013 and at the beginning was focused almost solely on strong alcohol, offering (until now) all the classic spirits you would expect, plus a few interesting extras, like Scandinavian brands of vodka. Today one can enjoy a nice selection of draught and bottled beers at “Хроники”, along with a surprisingly extensive list of fortified wines – port wine, sherry, and the likes – a trait of a truly intelligent Leningrad tavern, I suppose. You should absolutely try their signature cocktail – Ingrid, though some might find it quite strong. Otherwise, they also make the classic cocktails and can mix something for you on request.

As for food – I guess, at “Хроники” food is not supposed to distract you from your drink. The menu offers a selection of sandwiches or potato waffles with things like smoked chicken, herring, different pates, and more. Very tasty, but don’t count on having a meal there.

To wrap this up I shall say that all of the above comes at very decent prices – I was surprised – and I am definitely coming back.

26 Nekrasova street, open Mon-Thu 18h00 – 01h00, Sun – 18h00-02h00, Fri-Sat – 18h00-05h00.

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