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The Day of Useless Knowledge in Novaya Gollandiya

29 August, 2013

New Holland (Новая Голландия) island in St. Petersburg organizes a funny and interesting event between 12 am and 6 pm on September 1: the Day of Useless Knowledge (День Бесполезных Знаний).

On that day, New Holland will become a scientific center, where “experts” in every laboratory will teach useless skills to visitors. You will come across strange “sciences” like chatology, circustry, beastology, hatology, wonderology. Of course, those matters have no use, but they will still entertain you and make you laugh for the whole afternoon.

This event is indeed a sort of parody of the Russian Knowledge Day, when school traditionally starts in the country. September 1 is also the first day of Autumn in Russia.

Be sure not to miss this odd event. New Holland is ten minutes away from the start of Nevsky Prospekt, almost at the end of the river Moyka (Река Мойка).

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