The Magical Emporium of Kupetz Eliseevs

21 August, 2013

Kupetz Eliseevsагазин Купцов Елизеевых) is the city’s finest foodhall and another piece of eye-catching Art Nouveau architecture on Nevsky Prospekt (Невский Проспект). Outside is a quirky window display of dancing elves but a peek inside transports you to the luxurious atmosphere of pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg. Stroll around while listening to the self-operating grand piano, and admire the beautifully packaged products. The store is divided into 7 main counters – the patisserie, confectionery, cheese and meat, bakery section, fresh fish and caviar, plus a spirits and wine selection. So there are plenty of options if you want to buy a lovely souvenir for anyone at home.

The centrepiece of the store is a giant pineapple which you can sit under while enjoying some afternoon tea and cake. Also downstairs in the basement is a bistro style restaurant serving classic Russian and European dishes. Kupetz Eliseevs is less than a ten minute walk away from Liden & Denz so be sure to visit one day after lessons.

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