The Olympic flame in St. Petersburg

24 October, 2013

As many of you know, Sochi (Сочи) will hold the next Winter Olympics on February next year. The Olympic flame is right now travelling around Russia, and thousands of athletes and volunteers are taking part in the relay. The torch will visit St. Petersburg on Saturday (October 26).

The Olympic flame will begin its journey in Piter from Victory Square (Площадь Победы) and finish at Palace Square (Дворцовая Площадь), after visiting many areas of the city. St. Petersburg is the 33rd city to hold the Olympic torch relay. For that occasion, the city will turn into a big sport and music festival.

Palace Square will hold a solemn meeting of the Olympic flame and mass celebration. A huge stage with three levels will be installed. There will be performances by popular singers and a special cup for the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic flame. The second level of the stage will be entirely made of ice.

The Olympic torch will continue its journey on Monday (October 28), when it will visit many cities in the outskirts of St. Petersburg in one day. The journey of the flame will be the longest in the history of Olympics: it will visit more than a hundred cities and travel more than 60,000 km.

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