The White Rabbit looking at Stalin’s Seven Sisters

01 October, 2015

The White Rabbit looking at Stalin’s Seven Sisters

The White Rabbit is a wonderful place to please your taste and your eyes. This beautiful restaurant is situated on the last floor of the building Smolenskiy Passaj, giving you a breath taking view of one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters. The tables are all in an enormous glass veranda. This gives you a panoramic 360° view on the city, which makes you feel inside the cockpit of a plane which is going to land right in the center of Moscow. The atmosphere is very peaceful and overall decoration superb. The natural light flows in and allows you to appreciate the last rays of sunshine before the arrival of winter. The place is very different during the day and the night. Once the sun has gone down, you will be able to see a completely different Moscow illuminated by the city lights. The restaurant itself becomes a more trendy, sophisticated place where you can also enjoy a drink at the bar. Sipping your cocktail on the top of Moscow is not something you will forget tomorrow and will be without a doubt one of your most powerful memories of your trip to the capital.

As you rest in enormous sinfully comfortable sofas, you will be given the menu. Here the speciality food is meat but not just any kind: liver, tongue, heart… How very yummy indeed. This might not be for every one but the food is very well prepared. Of course there are more traditional and classic meals you can choose from, but why not try the food for which the place is actually famous for.

The prices are about 1000 roubles which is a bit high on the scale but it is definitely worth it. The view is enough the feed your mind for months to come. If you would like to enjoy it for a lesser price, definitely come here at lunch. As all other restaurants, the White Rabbit offers a two course and drink business lunch.

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