Which of the Moscow rooftop bars to pick? TimeOut!

the view from the best of the Moscow rooftop bars

Moscow is full of rooftop bars, where to enjoy the best view of the city. In our opinion, these are 7 best rooftop bars in Moscow . However, in this article we are going to tell about TimeOut rooftop bar. Located near Mayakovskya station the Time Out bar is a great place for an evening drink.

 На здоровье!

On Wednesday night, a group of four of us decided to head there for a cocktail or two. It is located on the 13th floor and offers panoramic views over Moscow. I drank a Bloody Masha which had too much pepper and tomato in for my liking but the other loved it.

Next I settled for a draught beer which was 300rbs, not the cheapest drink in Moscow. Finally, we had a round of homemade raspberry liqueurs which were very interesting and tasty drinks. These were 200rbs each.

The atmosphere inside the bar and on the balcony was very lively. The ceiling of the bar was extremely high with beautiful decorations and murals while the crowd was full of glamourous Muscovites.  The other side of the balcony had party music and fabulous views of the setting sun.

The inside of the bar had comfortable lounge seats and an intricately designed bar. I imagine on a Friday or Saturday night the bar is incredibly busy and the skilled bartenders will be in high demand. The bar is open until 12pm during the week and until very late on a Friday and Saturday.

So, if you’re feeling decadent for a night and want to have some luxurious cocktails and rub shoulders with beautiful Muscovites then Time Out bar is a good option.


This post was brought to you by Tom, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz, Moscow. 





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