Time’s up tonight at “Green door” !

05 May, 2014

Want to do something new, and not staying at home tonight? So come to the Antikafe “Green door” to play to Time’s up ( игра шляпа).

This is a pretty unifying game (invite your friends it would be nicer), funny and very simple. So how do you play it? Basically the aim of the game is to guess words to your team. Each player writes on a piece of paper (or more) a word that he folds and puts in the hat (a container also do the trick if you do not have a hat!). Divided in teams, you must pick a word and make your team guess. The game is split into three rounds. First round, the easiest one, you explain the word without pronouncing it ! Second round, you are able to say only one word (no more and no less!) And finally third round, must mimic the word, which a little spice the game!

A “Антикфе” is a place to take a break, relax,to get away from the chaos of the city! Very popular in Russia and in the CIS countries, the concept differs from normal cafe ! In fact, almost everything is free, you only pay for the time you spend there. In the “Green door” activities are organized every day, but you can also go to read, watch a movie, in short, to rest !


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