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Best Websites to Learn Russian

28 February, 2017

Top 10 Russian Language Learning Websites

Fun. Exciting. Helpful.—These are words that might escape you when talking about the mass of language learning gobbledygook on the web. Why is it so difficult to find quality language learning materials online? This question has splintered the language learning community for decades. So we’ve asked some of our most experienced language learners which websites they use to study Russian. Here’s what they came up with.

10. www.digitaldialects.com

This is a great website for beginning Russian learners. Here you’ll find addictive online games for everything from learning the Cyrillic script to mastering advanced vocabulary to discovering the word for lizard in Russian is ящерица (yaschiritza). Fun fun. 

9. www.youtube.com

When learning a new language, you have to flood your brain with its rhythms and intonations. This live stream of the Russian newspaper Руссия 24 is great background noise when you’re cooking supper, or taking a shower, or sitting in your room, contemplating things. Have a listen.

8. translate.google.com

Good old Google Translate. Type in English words, learn the Russian equivalents. Or vice versa. If you do this right, you’ll be speaking Russian in no time.

7. www.youtube.com

These are top 25 lists of the most important Russian verbs, phrases, nouns, and everything in between, taught through English by an engaging Russian host. Great for beginner-intermediate Russian learners.

6. www.thepolyglotdream.com

The Polyglot Dream is a blog run by Luca Lampariello, a 13-languaged Italian lingo-sage, who posts incomparable language learning tips, experiences, and advise of all sorts, for you to lap up as you like. He also has one of the best Youtube channels for language learners, at https://www.youtube.com/user/poliglotta80. And of course, he speaks Russian.

5. www.youtube.com

Bridget Barbara is an American girl from New York, who studied Russian at university. Now she teaches Russian online, through fun vlogs and face-to-face lessons. Get to know her, and become a Russian guru.

4. www.youtube.com

Another fantastic vlogger, Maria Zdorovetskaya is a Russian girl, living in Seattle. She is all of our favorite things, fun, exciting, and helpful. She teaches you to speak Russian through wacky adventure vlogs about her experiences living in America. We highly recommend her channel!

3. www.youtube.com

Galileo RU is a Russian television show, based in Moscow, that teaches you Russian through highly engaging and funny videos. Each episode is about 10 minutes long, and range in content from how guitars are made, to the human function of crying. Very interesting stuff. The host is one of our favorites.

2. www.dw.com

Deutsche Welle is an amazing newspaper, that offers articles in over 20 languages, and covers every topic you can think of. Read an article every morning, making sure to memorize the words you don’t know, and Russian will seem like your native language within weeks.

1. www.youtube.com

Easy Languages well deserves the top spot on our list. The concept is simple, walk around interviewing people on the streets of main cities where a specific language is spoken. So you can learn German in Berlin, Arabic in Cairo, English in New York, or Russian in St. Petersburg. Because we’re focused on the latter, here’s the playlist for Easy Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klj0cz4WHSg&list=PLA5UIoabheFNOmTYF_LDqbO42p8Ng0LLa&index=24. The videos never get old, and are extremely helpful. The host is also wonderful. Please check it out. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.


This post was brought to you by Andrew, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz


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Andrew currently studies Russian at Liden & Denz. He lives in Vienna.

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