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6 Russian Hats You Should Be Wearing This Winter

15 February, 2017

6 Russian Hats

We love hats. We wear hats for fashion, for religious and formal purposes, and of course, to keep us warm. (And here in Moscow, there’s a lot of the latter going around.) You’re probably wearing a hat right now, or you see someone wearing a hat, trying desperately to stay warm. But what’s the one thing you, I, and all the people we see have in common? Exactly, we’re not as warm as the colorful девушка (devooshka) above. Because there is one type of hat that has always intrigued us, yet we have never built the courage to wear ourselves. Yes, I’m talking about Russian hats. Russian hats are the motherlord of all hats. They keep us warmest, and they look the absolute coolest. So here is a list of 6 Russian hats you should be wearing this winter. Enjoy!

6.  Ushanka

Gerald Ford looking snug in his ushanka, with Leonid Brezhnev (What are they thinking about?)

5. Papakha

Armenian commander Andranik wearing a papakha

4. Budenovka

Soviet POWs glad to be warm in their budenovkas

3. Kubanka

Russian soldier wearing a kubanka

2. Gorlatnaya

Russian noblemen (boyars) strutting in their gorlatnayas

1. Golden Cap of Monomakh

Golden Cap of Monomakh exhibited at the Kremlin Armoury


This post was brought to you by Andrew, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

Posted by Andrew

Andrew currently studies Russian at Liden & Denz. He lives in Vienna.

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