Top 10 List of Moscow’s Best Bookstores

Top 10 List of Moscow’s Best Bookstores
26 February, 2017

Moscow Bookstores

Moscow is among the best cities in the world to buy books. Being that Moscow is so diverse, the city naturally has a plethora of great bookstores for all types of readers. Maybe you’re into crime, or romance, or some wacky combination of the two, or you just want a souvenir to take back home to Dad, who happens to be a Dostoyevsky fanatic, you’re sure to find a bookstore in Moscow just for you. Here’s a list of some of Moscow’s best bookstores, both large and small, that are all super easy to find, and startlingly cheap. Enjoy!

10. Bukinist (pr-t. Mira, 79, Moskva, 129110)

This is actually an antique store, but it has a really cool selection of old books you should check out.  Recommend meter: 6

9. Relod (Posledniy per., 26, Moskva, 107045)

Russian and English Language Open Doors, or Relod, is a great bookstore for those of you looking for Russian-English, and English-Russian, translations of popular and classic titles. Recommend meter 7.5

8. Bookhunter (Bolshaya Tatarskaya ul., 7, Moskva, 115184)

Excellent bookshop with wide selection of English language books. Take a gander. Recommend meter: 7.5

7. Tsiolkovsky Bookstore (пл. Новая, 3/4, Moscow, 101000)

Smack dab in the city center, Tsiolkovsky Bookstore is an old-fashioned bookshop offering hundreds of great selections. Recommend meter: 8

6. Secondhand Bookshop (Bolshoy Kondratyevskiy per., 6, Moskva, 123056)

Cheap books. Great atmosphere. Secondhand Bookshop is the one for you. Recommend meter: 8

5. Flanster (Malyy Gnezdnikovskiy per., 12, Moskva, 125009)

You’re an individual. You need a bookshop that caters to individuals. Visit Flanster. Recommend meter: 8.5

4. Respublica (1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya ul., 10, Moskva, 125047)

One of the larger bookstore chains in Moscow. Sells popular books for popular prices. Recommend meter: 8

3. Biblio-Globus (Myasnitskaya ul., 6/3, стр. 1, Moskva, 127015)

Huge bookstore chain in Moscow selling everything from classics to modern blockbusters. Recommend meter: 9

2. House of the Foreign Book (18/7 Kuznetsky Most, Metro Kuznetsky Most)

Part of the Moscow House of Books chain, this bookshop has selections in languages you’ve never heard of. Worth a look. Recommend meter: 9.5

1: Moscow House of Books (New Arbat Ave, 8, Moskva, 121069)

Massive bookstore. Beautiful architecture. Comfortable interior. This one tops the list. Make sure you check it out while you’re in Moscow. Recommend meter: 10


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