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On the traces of October Revolution

29 August, 2014

Saint Petersburg was the Capital of Imperial Russia when the October Revolution in 1917 sent shockwaves around the world. Yesterday some students followed together with Evgeny Petrovich, one of the teachers from the Liden& Denz Petersburg School, the tracks of this historical important event.

The excursion started in room number nine, where Evgeny Petrovich explained us when and why the Revolution took place. The first stop of our walking tour was Марсовополе (Field of Mars). Here the victims of the October Revolution have been buried. Today two plaques and an eternal flame in the middle of the square still remind us of them.

From there our way led us past the Мраморныйдворец (Marble Palace) over Троицкиймост to the Петроградскаясторона (Petrograd side).

Here our guide explained us that the Bolsheviks have been firing on the Winter Palace from the Петропавловскаякрепость. Thanks to this they managed to bring down the provisional government, which was stationed in Winter Palace.

Since we were exploring historical sights connected to the Revolution we also had to see the battleship Aurora. Its cannon shot meant the beginning of the October Revolution. From there we took a short walk to the Museum of Political History, but unfortunately we could not visit it, because it was already closed. However the building in which it is located is very important for the history of the Revolution, since it was the headquarter of the Bolsheviks. From on of the balconies Lenin made his historic speech when he came back from exile.

After two hours of walking and a lot of interesting information about the October Revolution our tour was already over. It was a very pleasant excursion, especially because we were lucky and the sun was shining, but also because Evgeny Petrovich knows a lot of things about this event and he was pleased to answer patiently our questions. The tour was held in Russian, but if we did not understand something he gave us the translation and he talked rather slowly, so that we did not only learnt a lot about Russia’s history but also could improve our Russian skills.



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