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Unmissable Sights of Riga

27 March, 2014

Riga is a stunning city, and full of incredible architecture, fascinating museums and beautiful scenery, and you should, of course, make sure you see as much of this as possible! However, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, try finding these places instead.

First up, there’s the Bastejkalns, a small park surrounding Brivibas Bulvaris, with Chinese and Japanese buildings and a love-lock bridge over the Pilsetas Canal, aptly named the Bridge of Love! On a nice sunny day, take a picnic and enjoy the scenery, or even just a stroll through for some peace and quiet from the bustling city life.

The Riga Orthodox Cathedral can be found in the Esplanade Park, and was built during the Russian occupation of Riga. It doesn’t look too inspiring from the outside, but the inside is spectacular. Don’t forget about modesty: you simply will not be allowed in if you’re wearing shorts. The park itself is also worth a visit, and was designed by Georg Kuphaldt, a man who was expelled in 1915 for being a spy, simply because he had a telescope in his garden!

The Riga TV Tower can be found on the left bank, and has an observation deck 97 metres up. The tours are inexpensive and the view from the deck is worth every penny!

If you fancy a look at luxury, go to Agenskalns, a very picturesque and historical area, which was a district in the 19th century for mansions and manors, some of which still remain. Many embassies were located here before World War 2.

Kipsla, across the Vansu bridge on the River Daugava, is an island with Nordic dwelling architecture, solitude and wonderful views of Riga from over the river. Such a haven is a welcome respite from a vibrant city!

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