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ВДНХ – Modern amusement park with historical charm

08 October, 2015

Magic happens not just inside the ring line. Moscow is widely known for its historical buildings, unique churches and impressive architecture. But the vibrant Russian Metropolis has more to offer than what is in the city center. Before you start your journey off the beaten track downloading the Yandex.metro app helps you finding your way through the twelve lines of the Russian capital’s subway system.

VDNKh is located at the top of the orange line and once you made it to the subway station you cannot miss the huge gate which forms the border between busy city life and relaxed atmosphere. The amusement park offers a great variety of fairground rides including many roller coasters, 7D cinemas and haunted houses. However, don’t worry cultural fans, because historical and imposing buildings never come off badly in Moscow. Just a few steps from the buzzy amusement park there is the strikingly beautiful “Fountain of Friendship of the Nations” surrounded by unique pavilions reminding of the soviet architecture. In the time of the Soviet Union they were used to show the achievements of the national Economy and they still have their eastern charm. Furthermore the unique park includes the wonderful Cosmonautics Musuem, the Ostankino TV Tower and the popular outdoor venue “Green Theater” which offers classical concerts as well as movies.

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