Veggie in St Petersburg

07 April, 2014


Contrary to popular belief, veggie is not a dirty word in Russia. In fact, the wide open lands of the Russian empire have led to an unusually strong love of the natural world among Russians, the kind that finds its expression in the paintings of Levitan.

Whilst ersatz-style products such as soya milk or tofu remain a bit of a rarity, except in a few speciality shops where they often cost a great deal more than they would at home, Russian cooking has other vegetarian options on offer. There is no end of simple but delicious combinations of rice, potatoes and vegetables, including Kasha (porridge) and Pirrogi (big ravioli), Blini (pancakes) and Vinagret Salad.

One small point though: dill is everywhere here. You will either grow to love / hate this rather divisive herb since it sneaks its way into many, if not all, meals. For those who wish to share their experiences of dill there is even the following support group:


Jokes aside, Petersburg has a great range of veggie cafés that you should check out. Here are but a few:

  • Ukrop Cafe: Perfect for just a bite to eat. Great selection of coffees and cakes
    Marata St., 23, St. Petersburg 191025
  • Botanika: I recommend the „Trio Salat“
    Bestelya Street 7, St. Petersburg
  • Der Idiot: Has some great “Business Lanchi”.
    Moika Embankment, 82, St. Petersburg (Palace Square)


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