6 entertaining and easy Russian TV series

6 entertaining and easy Russian TV series
13 June, 2016

6 entertaining and easy Russian TV series

Talking about watching video materials in Russian, we all have our own preferences. As someone loves classic movies, someone else enjoys laughing in front of an animated cartoon. Personally, I always prefer to watch some episodes of a Russian Series. In fact, if it’s almost impossible to dedicate everyday at least 2 hours of time to a movie, it’s generally very easy to watch daily an episode of a TV series that lasts from 25 to 50 minutes.

You may choose to watch either some Foreign TV Series dubbed in Russian language or a TV series produced and recorded in Russia. If you are still a beginner student I would suggest you to start watching a dubbed series as its language style it’s more simple and understandable for a foreign speaker. On the contrary, if you already master the Russian language, you can easily try to watch a Russian TV series. Doing so, you will have the possibility to learn more about the Russian culture and mentality as well as a lot of their daily life expressions.

The best choice would be to watch something simple and funny at the same time. In fact, the plot doesn’t have to be too complex because you have to be able to understand the thread of the conversation even if you can’t get every single word.

I’ve asked friends and teachers for advice and here you’ll find what they came up with:

  1. Интерны: The main characters are 4 apprentices that during their apprenticeship in an Hospital find everyday themselves in ridiculous situations.
  2. Бедные люди: The series is recorded in Saint Petersburg and it’s about the life a very unlucky writer and his 3 strange flatmates.
  3. Деффчонки: The main characters are 4 provincial girls that move to live together in Moscow. Every one of them looks for love, success, a good husband and an interesting career.
  4. Сладкая жизнь: A single mother moves from a small city to the Capital of Russia and brings significant changes to the life of 6 Muscovites.
  5. Измены: A married woman asks her childhood friend, who has an husband and three lovers, to teach her to live as she does, idealizing that kind of life as easy and satisfying as it seems.
  6. Кухня: The protagonist is a man that has a vocation towards cooking. His dream is to become a famous chef, so he decides to go to conquer Moscow and achieve his goal.

You can find these and many others series on the following sites:

Here instead you’ll find many movies, TV series, animated cartoons and even music:

Enjoy! 🙂

Matilde Miliazza, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz.

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