Where can I study/work outside the house in SPb?

Where can I study/work outside the house in SPb?
06 July, 2015

I don’t know about you, but sometimes studying at home does not work for me. I need to be out of the house. And being in a new country, sometimes is not easy to find a cosy place. After having spent a few months in St. Petersburg, I found some places that feel like home outside home. I hope you will like them!


Green Room

Ligovsky pr. 74, St. Petersburg

This restaurant/coffee place is located inside a building that is being taken over by small businesses. It is actually part of one of St Petersburg’s known creative spaces located near the Galeria mall: Loft Project Etagi. The atmosphere at Green Room is very relaxing and follows a concept of communal eating. They work with biological and organic products and have vegetarian options. Next to the main room, there is a small – generally quiet – room, which you can also use. Their coffee latte is very good, and you can have something to eat as well. Check out the creative space’s website to know about working hours and location:

Small Double

Kazanskaya ul. 26, St. Petersburg

This cozy place is located not far from the school in Kazanskaya Ulitsa, near a nice restaurant called Sup & Vino (definitely check this one s well). It has many different hot beverages, including different coffee drinks. They have many desserts and different ice creams. You can also go there for an early breakfast or a quick lunch. And if you like their desserts (which are delicious), you will be happy to know you can order them and pick them up later!

Small Double:

Буше (Bushe)

This chain, originally from St. Petersburg, sells very good quality bread and many – many – delicious pastries and sweets also. They are all over the city, but they are not as easy to find as Coffee House cafés are (unfortunately). I very much prefer the atmosphere at Bushe cafés. Bushe is more sophisticated, but still informal. If going there, I highly recommend trying their dark bread with carrots and pumpkin nuts. Yum!

Циферблат (Ziberflat)

Nevsky pr. 48, St. Petersburg

This place is unlike other social spaces you find around the city. It is an anti-café where Russians get together for a cup of tea and engage in different social events, such as classical music concerts performed by students and to play board games.

During the day and in the afternoon it should be quieter, and the atmosphere is like no other. Because it is so close to the school, I definitely think you should check it out. It’s located on the 3rd floor inside the Passage mall.

Check out the website to know more:

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