Supermarkets in Saint Petersburg

08 August, 2015

In the centre of the city it can be hard to find good Supermarkets in Saint Petersburg. You have probably heard about Stockmann’s and Lend’s supermarket by now, but maybe they are out of the way for you. So I am going to tell you about two companies that sell high quality produce in different locations around Saint Petersburg that I go to more often than those two big supermarkets. They are called Гирлянда (Gyrlyanda) and Фруктовая лавка (Fruktovaya lavka).

In Gyrlyanda you will find pre-cooked meals like various salads, blini, grilled salmon, turkey and beef meatballs, pies, vegetables, rice, soups, and more. But you can also buy really good quality meat, vegetables, frozen food, pasta, fruit juices, cereals, sauces, and the list goes on. Pretty much you can go to Gyrlyanda to buy everything you need. Fruktovaya lavka is my favourite place to buy vegetables and fruits, particularly avocados. They have the best avocados in town – I am not joking. On top of that they also sell fresh fruit juices, prepared fruit salads, salads, breads, sweets, many exotic ingredients, pasta and rice, chocolate, wines and much more.

Go on their websites to see all they sell and order on-line:

Gyrlyanda Website:

Fruktovaya Lavka:

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