White Marathon in Saint-Petersburg

01 July, 2014


You certainly must have heard of the White Nights of Saint-Petersburg. But did you know about the White Marathon of Saint-Petersburg? Every year, in summer, the legendary 42-kilometers run takes place in the streets of the beautiful Russian city. And so it has been this last Sunday, June 29, when run-lovers and athletes from over 30 different countries (!) have spread themselves in shorts and trainers through the streets that mark the itinerary of the competition.

Much has been written on the psychological benefits of running a marathon, among which the increased self-confidence that comes from realising that you are able to push your limits well beyond what you thought was possible. From my experience, I can say that the place where you run is fundamental: if you really love it, it can become a source of energy and give a boost to your tired legs, you run more if you run happy.  So if you are a well trained runner and you love Saint-Petersburg, think about it for next year, you’ve got 12 full months to train! And if you feel that a marathon is too much, no problem, on the same day a 10 kilometers run is organised, and participating in it will allow you to enjoy the same beautiful scenery while doing some real good to your health and your mood!

Here below you find a link to the official website of the White Marathon where registrations for the next White Marathon will open in due time.


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