Word Lens… a useful application

14 January, 2016

Have you ever found yourself in a situation reading something in a foreign language and not unserstanding the meaning. So what are you doing?

Most probably you will consult your dictionary, which nowadays lives somewhere in your phone. So you might launch your dictionary app. If it’s a latin based language it’s manageable, alltough you will face some characters, which are somehow nowhere on your keyboard. Facing the cyrilic alphabet it’s already getting difficult. You will definitly need to change your keyboard settings first. Achieved that it’s time to type in the word or phrase you were not able to understand, just to realize that you miss spelled it, so you are going to correct it. Then if you are using a dictionary, which is online based you might run in to difficulties because there is no wifi connection…

That’s the moment where you disappointingly put your phone back into your pocket, while thinking, why isn’t it possible to just point the phone against the word and it simply displays the translation.

Well maybe the guys from Quest visual ended up in a similiar situation. We don’t know, however, they built an app which is able to do just that! Nevertheless, these days you can check on Google play and it will display useful options, I recommend you Google Translate or camdictionary. Is one of the best choices when you travel and still don’t know how to communicate.

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