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Russian courses

See you soon Moscow! It’s been almost four months since my first day at the school, but looking back at that day it really seems like yesterday. Four months count for nothing in a lifetime, but still so many things can happen in such a short amount of time when you live abroad. You come… Continue reading


24h Breakfast? Cook’kareku restaurant!

Cook’kareku restaurant

24h Breakfast? Cook’kareku restaurant! Have you ever thought about the fact that when we sit down for dinner, someone on the other side of the world is preparing Breakfast? Aleksandr Rappoport turned this thought into the concept of the new restaurant “Cook’kareku”. Yes, its menu consists entirely of Breakfast. Isn’t that amazing? Breakfast is not only… Continue reading


Co-thinkers exhibition at the Garage Museum

co-thinkers exhibition

 Co-thinkers exhibition at the Garage Museum Yesterday night I’ve been to the opening of a new exhibition at the Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary art. This new Garage’s exhibition “Co-thinkers” is the first initiative to foster equal access to a museum and it has been defined as the Russia’s most extensive program for disabled visitors.… Continue reading


Red October: The creative heart of Moscow

red october

Red October: The creative heart of Moscow Some years ago, the site where the iconic red-brick Krasny Oktyabr’ (Red October) chocolate factory once operated was transformed into a bohemian island of art, fun and culture, comparable to a hipster paradise. The factory compound is still standing but what you find inside has little to do… Continue reading


Multimedia Feast: ARTPLAY Moscow Design Center


Multimedia Feast: ARTPLAY Moscow Design Center ARTPLAY Moscow Design Center is known as one of the first creative clusters of Moscow. 6 years ago ARTPLAY moved to a former industrial space near Kurskaya / Chkalovskaya metro station and now occupies an entire city block with an area of 75,000 sq.m. By reconstructing factory buildings and… Continue reading


How to better memorize new words

better memorize new words

How to better memorize new words Have you ever felt irritated because you are unable to remember a word in another language? You have already studied and repeated it hundreds of time, but for some reasons you can’t really remember that word. No need to panic, after 2 or 3 years of language learning we… Continue reading


La Cucina Russa: Come e cosa mangiano i Russi?

La Cucina Russa: Come e cosa mangiano i Russi? Iniziamo con il dire che la dieta Russa è ricca di colture che possono prosperare anche in un clima freddo come i cereali, gli ortaggi a radice (barbabietole, rape, patate, cipolle) e il cavolo.  Inoltre, essendo la Russia ricchissima di boschi e foreste, le erbe selvatiche, le bacche, il miele e i funghi sono prodotti che contraddistinguono la… Continue reading


A summer afternoon in Moscow

summer afternoon

A summer afternoon in Vorobyovy Gory and the Brusov Ship Considered the sun and the warm weather, I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon trying to get tan on the side of the Moscow river, at the foot of the sparrow hill (Воробьёвы Горы). Indeed, this riverbank is the perfect place to go if you… Continue reading