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12 May

Zenit and CKA – Get Out And Support Your Local Team
Two of the most popular sports to play and watch in Russia are Ice Hockey and Football. Saint Petersburg is home to two teams ...

08 May

The history of Russian cinema can roughly be divided into three distinct periods. First, the imperial era. Second, the soviet era and lastly, the modern era – i.e. Russian cinema today. 1896 ...

05 May

Before I left for Saint Petersburg I packed three books: “501 Russian Verbs”, my old and very beloved ”Modern Russian Grammar” (Published in Stockholm, 1974…) and Tolstoy’s ...

30 Apr

I guess you already know that the 1st of May is a national holiday in Russia. But do you know the historical background of this day, both internationally and within Russia? In this post we ...

27 Apr

In today’s post we will travel some 200 kilometres west from the Latvian capital to one of the true gems of the Baltic Coast and Latvia’s third largest city: Liepāja.
Liepāja is situated ...

25 Apr

Smartphone To The Rescue: Battle with Russian Cases, Head On!
When learning Russian one will soon encounter the intricate system of cases, or падежи as they are called in Russian. ...

22 Apr

Michail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita written during the period 1928-40 is probably one of the most popular Russian novels, both in Russia as well as abroad. The novel, written from memory ...

16 Apr

If you are interested in art and happen to be in Riga you can count yourself lucky. Riga can boast an impressing number of art museums worth visiting. In this post you will learn more about ...

13 Apr

April 12th in Russia marks the date on which we celebrate the Soviet, and later Russian cosmonauts. However, as we will explore below, this date is a little bit special – and has since evolved ...

09 Apr

Understandably, visitors to Saint Petersburg might be a bit surprised and confused when they discover that there is a monument «Памятник Альфреду Нобелю» honouring Alfred Nobel in the ...

06 Apr

As of today until the end of June I have the pleasure to be part of the team of interns here at Liden & Denz, Saint Petersburg. My name is Vincent Becker and I was born and raised in ...

07 Oct
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