Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out If you love fashion and, like me, live in sweet denial of the dire state of your bank account- I mean, broke IS the new Birkin- then Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is the place to be. Probably the biggest fashion event in the capital, Fashion Night Out will be taking place… Continue reading


Ryabushinsky Mansion: Gorky House Museum

Gorky House

Ryabushinsky Mansion: Gorky House Museum The Gorky House, in other words the Ryabushinsky Mansion [особняк Рябушинского] is an architectural masterpiece built in Art-Nouveau style, which was popular in the 1900s. The house was originally designed by Fyodor Shekhtel in 1906 for prominent businessman Stepan P. Ryabushinsky. In 1931 the house was gifted to Maxim Gorky… Continue reading


10 Reasons to Visit Moscow in Winter

visit Moscow

  10 Reasons to Visit Moscow in Winter   Most students who decide to visit Moscow and study Russian aim to do so in spring and summer months. It’s warm, sunny, and the city comes alive with events, festivals, and outdoor concerts. However, there’s a lot to be said about the beauty of Moscow in the… Continue reading


Wiktionary – a useful tool for studying Russian


Wiktionary – a useful tool for studying Russian Ever looked for a good translation, but google translate comes up with something that is obviously not correct? How about finding a word, but having no idea what case it is in? Perhaps it’s an exception, and you have no idea how it changes for each of… Continue reading


Riga: Travel Base of Operations

Riga Travel Eastern Europe

Riga: Travel Base of Operations This past weekend I actually flew to Kiev, Ukraine to visit a friend who invited me over for the weekend. And it was AWESOME! So cool. Having lived in Russia before, it was definitely a blast from the past with a twist of the unknown and a spin on the… Continue reading


Hello Moscow

hello Moscow

Hello Moscow! Hi! I’m Megan, a university student from the UK, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Language Centre in Moscow. My parents live in a small village in Kent, but I go to university in London. I started learning Russian just nine months ago, but I never dreamed I would be spending summer… Continue reading


4 Places To Workout and Sightsee In Moscow


4 Places To Workout and Sightsee In Moscow What about your workout routine? Most students come to study Russian for an average of 2 to 6 weeks. Since this is a relatively short amount of time, it can be difficult to maintain your workout routine or even know where to find a gym that fits into… Continue reading


Flashcards – Schede Mnemoniche

Un metodo molto comune nell’apprendimento di una nuova lingua è l’uso di flash cards, schede mnemoniche, che aiutano a memorizzare o ad associare con un’immagine una parola e trovarla nella propria lingua. Il metodo è conosciuto come Karteikarten in tedesco. Da un punto di vista personale, un modo migliore per dimenticare difficoltà grammaticali, e lo… Continue reading