[Covid-19]: Liden & Denz switches to distance learning

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25 Jul
Riga: Travel Base of Operations This past weekend I actually flew to Kiev, Ukraine to visit a friend who invited me over for the weekend. And it was AWESOME! So cool. Having lived in Russia before, it was definitely a blast from the past with a twist of the unknown and a spin on the ...
28 Jun
Hello Moscow! Hi! I’m Megan, a university student from the UK, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Language Centre in Moscow. My parents live in a small village in Kent, but I go to university in London. I started learning Russian just nine months ago, but I never dreamed I would be spending summer ...
27 May
4 Places To Workout and Sightsee In Moscow What about your workout routine? Most students come to study Russian for an average of 2 to 6 weeks. Since this is a relatively short amount of time, it can be difficult to maintain your workout routine or even know where to find a gym that fits into ...
20 May
Un metodo molto comune nell’apprendimento di una nuova lingua è l’uso di flash cards, schede mnemoniche, che aiutano a memorizzare o ad associare con un’immagine una parola e trovarla nella propria lingua. Il metodo è conosciuto come Karteikarten in tedesco. Da un punto di vista personale, un modo migliore per dimenticare difficoltà grammaticali, e lo ...
18 Jan
Suggestion To Experiment This Week – CoCoCo, local If you’re looking for local, feel-good restaurant, look no further. КоКоКо, or CoCoCo, is a unique restaurant and bar located in St. Petersburg, just a short walk away from Nevsky Prospekt. Established by Sergey Shnurov, they are well known for serving traditional Russian cuisine with a modern twist. Sergey ...
30 Dec
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Это просто отлично! Здесь мне удалось учиться у опытных и добросердечных преподавателей. Когда я приехал сюда 11 месяцев назад, совсем не знал русского языка. Но они терпеливо провели меня к цели владеть русским языком. К тому же, дружеские секретари всегда помогали мне либо по поводу русского языка, либо по поводу жизни в Санкт-Петербурге. Без их ...